I am a baby, child and family photographer. I don't shoot weddings, fashion or any other genre so every second of my experience and training is focused on what I do best. I love working with children and see it as a massive honour when I get invited back time and again and get to see these babies grow. Below you'll find links to see a little more about each session, and also a few FAQs to help you decide what kind of session you'd like. There's no such thing as a stupid question though, so if you have one that isn't answered below, do please get in touch.



When is the best time to arrange a photo shoot?

There's nothing more important that documenting the massive journey you begin when you start your family. You'll hear so many people say that time goes by so quickly and believe me, they're not wrong. It might seem like you have all the time in the world when you're pregnant, but before you know it they're packing their bags off to University and not looking so little anymore! Newborn sessions are best within the first two weeks, baby sessions are great at any age below 6 months (around 3 to 4 months is great when they're happy lifting their head up on their tummies for short periods). Sitting up sessions are best when your baby is sitting confidently and independently but preferably before they are crawling. Cake smash sessions a few weeks before their first birthday, or on the day itself if you prefer! Watch Me Grow is a very special first year collection with three sessions in your baby's first year. Family sessions are perfect at any time, often my clients do these on a yearly or bi-yearly basis so they can really see their family grow.


What if my baby doesn't sleep, my child isn't well, or they play up on the day?

I'm a mother too and I understand children. Things don't always go according to plan. All my sessions are led by the baby/child, if they really are having a bad day (growth spurt for babies/teething toddlers/or children coming down with a bug) then we simply call it a day and re-schedule with no extra charge. I'm not a high volume studio and only take on one session a day, so will never hurry you or expect a child just to 'perform'.


Can I just buy digital files from the session?

Of course, but why would you want to?! How often do you say, 'I must print that and put it on the wall'? And how often do you really get round to doing it?! Life takes over, especially when you have little ones. I believe in creating real, tangible art that you can see every day and that will stand the test of time. In each of my collections is a piece of art. Something printed on the very best printers using the best paper, that I can promise you you won't find by printing at a supermarket or high street printer. You can see samples of these at your session, or if you'd like to meet for a coffee before you book just shout and I'll bring them over to you.



Sitting up

Cake Smash/first birthday

Watch Me Grow